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2017 Br. Robert Lecture

Dr. Michael Fleet, '63
Professor Emeritus of Politics, Marquette University
"The Decline of Christian Democracy As a Political Force"

Read the texts and
watch the video of lecture and discussion


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Documents on the State of the Program

Dear Integral Reader:

At the link below you may find documentation giving a (substantially) complete record of present difficulties with certain faculty committees—the Academic Senate and the Core Curriculum Committee—and with the College administration, which threaten, in the unanimous view of the Program’s tutors, Integral’s ability to continue in its long-standing role as an alternative liberal arts curriculum, devoted entirely to the great books.

Documents on the state of the Program

Andrew Nguyen Valedictorian

nguyenValedictorian Andrew Nguyen ’15—chief photographer for The Collegian, three-year resident advisor, Integral Program student, co-chair of Asian Cultural Night—was asked by a close friend a few weeks ago, “Do you think we did college right?” “Yes, I think we did it right,” Nguyen said. Read the full article

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2015 Br. Robert Lecture

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